Rules Diagram


2021 - 2024 Racing Rules of Sailing

The racing rules are updated every four years following the Olympics. Even though the Olympics were not held in 2020, the new edition of the rules were put into effect on January 1st.

Most of the changes in the new edition are editorial. There are a few substantive changes, however.

A boat starts or finishes when her HULL crosses the line. No more fuss about bowsprits or spinnakers. Note that spinnakers still can determine an overlap.

Hails can be made in any language, so when Charles Bell hollers “ubao wa nyota” you need to give way if on port tack.

“Sail the course” is now defined logically as “start, sail the course, finish”.

The rules now provide for a “victor” flag signal to indicate that search and rescue operations are in effect. (This is meant to direct participants to listen on a designated radio frequency, so its not applicable to CCSA.)

CCSA sailors are reminded that we don’t do protests and that all are expected to behave in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Mark roundings are full of opportunities for good sportsmanship. Leave enough room for an inside overlapped boat. If an outside boat fails to leave enough room for multiple inside overlapped boats, the boat(s) caught in the squeeze are exonerated if they can’t provide room for other inside overlapped boat(s). The outside boat is expected to perform a penalty turn.

Sail fast, sail safe, have fun.