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Learn how to Sail.

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2) How to Sail

3) The Spinaker

4) Capsize Drill

5) Man Overboard

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8) 2013 College Championships

9) And sometimes it's just quiet

Movies and Documentaries.

“I’ve got a tired on boat and a crew of mutinous dogs” – Will Parker, WIND

“You know what’s better than winning the cup? It is losing the cup and winning it back” – Will Parker, WIND

“WIND” is the “Top Gun” of sailing movies. It follows a “fictional” American skipper who lost the America’s Cup race to the Australians and vows to take it back. We say “fictional” because it is kid of about the America’s Cup race of 1983 when the Australians used a new boat design to beat the Americans for the first time in many, many years.

Although an America’s Cup boat will never race at Creve Coeur, the spirit of the race, the competition between skippers, crew and boats exists at every lake there are two or more boats sailing.

"Wind" - The Movie

One of our favorite sailing movies.

In 1983 the US sailing team lost the America’s cup to Australia the first time in generations. This is the story.

America's Cup 2017 - US Vs NZ

Vulvo Cup

Vulvo: Race Around the World

Legendary Sailing Videos on YouTube

"Hobie Wave Jump" - Shot from the 1970's Hobie 18 promo video

"Sailing" - Legendary extreme 470 sailing video.

"Send it" - 25+ knots and an Austrailian university team

One of our very own members, Trish Ribaudo teaches sailing lessons through the YMCA. If interested, sign up for lessons at the 2020 Edward Jones Aquatic Camps website.