By Trish Ribaudo

Off season preparation.

Good sailing doesn’t just happen, it takes planning and preparation. What are you doing to prepare for next season? Are there projects you have been putting off? Seeing as I got my mast stuck in the mud on the last race day, my off season started with power washing and McLubricating the halyard pulleys at the top of the mast. Note to self: always put the mast float on the mast.

Another part of my preparation for next season has been adding a spinnaker to the Precision 15 with the help of John Millaire. With some guidance from Precision and the technical expertise of John the pulley for the halyard and the pole ring are now securely attached. This is still a work in progress, I need to add the cam cleats for the halyard, guys and topping lift (the ones I ordered were too small), but taking it step by step I expect to be ready for spring.

In preparation for teaching next season I was fortunate enough to attend US Sailing Level 2 and 3 instructor classes. Level 2 focused on spinnakers and trapeze while level 3 was about coaching and racing. I am looking forward to integrating these experiences into CCSA, YMCA and CSA programming.  

Thanks to John and all of our club members that contribute to the club with their time and talents.

John Millaire and John Howard have been instrumental in helping the club prepare for next season by generating some much needed revenue. John Howard has donated 2 sunfish in the past few years that John Millaire has made seaworthy and then sold. I cannot thank John Howard or John Millaire enough for their contributions, CCSA would not be what it is without them. I bought one of the sunfish so it will sail again at Creve Coeur Lake for the YMCA class. I also plan on racing it with CCSA, look out red fleet!  The other sunfish made its way around the world to Chad (the country). Thank you to John Howard and John Millaire for all your contributions to CCSA, we appreciate you!

Our web team has been hard at work this off season as well preparing our website to handle the communications we have used the yahoo group for in the past. CCSA members will be able to create an account on the redesigned site to stay up to date on club activities and be able to post to the group without having yahoo or facebook involved. Thanks to Carolyn Niehoff, Dan Gill and Greg Walters for working on this complicated project.

Happy sails to you,

Trish Ribaudo